Horrific maid abuse (Pictures may be disturbing)

Written by: mottaman | 16 Jul 2017 15:08
Picture from The Mirror
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16 Jul 2017 15:08

The 13-year-old main was branded with an iron, had her eyes pricked with pins and had boiling water boiling water poured on her.

This is what a couple in Myanmar allegedly did to their maid, apart from battering the poor girl with sticks.

According to reports in The Mirror (UK) , neighbours contacted the police who detained Tun Tun, 32, and Myat Noe Thu, 32.

Tun Tun is said to have told officers that his wife attacked the girl with an iron as well as sticks and hot water. He also complained that his wife was abusive towards him.

Pictures taken by officers at the Dagon Township station in Yangon, Burma, show painful wounds across the girl's face, chest, back arms and legs.

The couple were pictured in a police mugshot at the station with the husband in handcuffs.

A police report stated: "On the morning of June 3 at about 9 am the hosts living in room 402 were arrested accused of torturing the domestic worker.

According to the investigation, Tun Tun and his wife were found to be responsible to this.

The wounds were checked and verified. The child has been taken now by the Social Welfare Department.

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