Elizabeth Tan: I wanted to quit life

Written by: J.R. | 10 Aug 2017 14:00
Tan's mother's love and support pulled her through
Written by:
10 Aug 2017 14:00

Singer and actress Elizabeth Tan recently opened up about how her life had spiralled beyond control after a bout of depression stemming from a series of personal difficulties, including a devastating relationship breakup.

It came to a point where she almost wanted to end her life.

The events took place not too long ago, and Tan, 23, said she felt like her back was against the wall in every aspect of her life then and that she was directionless.

“It’s a long story but what I can reveal is that I was going through depression,” she told Astro Gempak at the launch of her new single Darling, recently.

Tan, or Lizzy, as she is fondly known, said there were just too many difficult things happening all at one go at that particular time, and she had found it too hard to cope.

"Personal issues, love, family, my faith. I was going through it all at the same time.”

“At one point, I wanted to end it (her life) as I could not find a sense of purpose anymore. I could not recognise myself anymore.”

Tan says with the help of her family, she eventually fought through her depression and came out for the better, and stronger.

“I am very fortunate my mother was with me through this struggle, and she continued to be by my side and work on getting back me on my feet.”

Tan spoke a little about her breakup with a businessman and said that the six-month relationship ended after a third party involvement.




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