Dah kena tunafoto lah masa ambil swafoto maut!

Written by: J.R. | 12 Oct 2017 16:38
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12 Oct 2017 16:38

They may sound strange but in keeping up with times, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP), it appears, is trying its best to keep pace with trends.

Earlier this week, DBP announced several new words in Bahasa Malaysia via its Twitter account. 

According to the Star, DBP, in individual tweets titled "Meticulous with Language – Current Terms", disclosed the Malay terms for four English words. 

Check them out. 

Pikat (pick-up line), meridap (nap), swafoto maut (killfie) and tunafoto (photobomb).

Yes, you read that right. Tunafoto. And no, no fishy elements involved here. 

The daily said that apparently, there is another meaning to the word tuna (besides tuna fish) in the Malay language.  

According to the fourth edition of the Kamus Dewan dictionary, tuna can also mean injured, flawed or broken – which makes its use in the translation of photobomb appropriate.  

Ah. Now we know. Okay, makes sense.   

Killfie, in case you are unfamiliar, is a selfie taken at a dangerous location which may possibly cause the death of the photographer, such as at the edge of a cliff or skyscraper.  

It is rather worrying that such an act has become so common that it has its own term these days. Fancy a swafoto maut anyone?


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