Caribbean beach jet blast kills NZ woman (video)

Written by: J.R. | 13 Jul 2017 23:39
File pic of the famous airport at Maho beach where tourists usually try to cling to the fencing during take off
Written by:
13 Jul 2017 23:39

A New Zealand woman died on the Caribbean territory of Saint Maarten after the blast from a powerful jet engine knocked her to the ground.

The BBC reported that the incident happened at the famous Princess Juliana International Airport, which is just metres from the beach.

Beachgoers can walk up to the airport fence as planes take off.

Police said the 57-year-old woman had been holding on to the fence before the force of the jet engines threw her backwards, causing serious injury.

She was taken to hospital for treatment but died later.

The particular stretch of beach on the Dutch territory is popular with tourists, partly because the planes fly extremely low over the sand before landing.

The beginning of the runway is just 50m (160ft) from the fence on Maho beach, and about the same distance to the waterline.

There are prominent warning signs in the area instructing beachgoers not to stand near the fence because of the dangerous air blasts.

Despite the danger,  videos online show tourists clinging to the fence to prevent being swept away - and in some cases, almost being lifted off the ground.

The newspaper also said the plane taking off was a Boeing 737, a commercial jet.

Watch previously shot videos of a takeoff and landing below. 

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