Boon Tat St murder grips Spore, dad-in-law charged

Written by: J.R. | 13 Jul 2017 19:25
Tan (left pic) looking at Tuppani after the stabbing. Cheng Cheng (right) asked for family privacy. Stomp/ST pic
Written by:
13 Jul 2017 19:25

A 69-year-old businessman who allegedly stabbed his son-in-law in front of a lunchtime crowd in the Central Business District on Monday afternoon was charged with murder in a case that has gripped Singaporeans.

The case is being widely reported and dubbed the Boon Tat Street murder, where the alleged killing took place.

The alleged murder is the talk of Singapore as the island state has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and murders are even rarer.

Tan Nam Seng is accused of killing Spencer Tuppani, 38, a former director of shipping company TNS Ocean Lines, in Boon Tat Street, near Robinson Road, at 1.22pm that day.

Clad in a red polo shirt and blue bermudas, Tan showed no expression as the charge was read to him in English, the Straits Times reported.

Tuppani's wife, Tan Cheng Cheng, 43, was in court. She is Tan's daughter.

After he was stabbed, Tuppani collapsed about 70m away outside an eatery, A Poke Theory, along the same street.

He died about an hour later in hospital.

The judge denied counsel's request for Tan’s family to see him in view of the ongoing investigation.

After the case was heard, Cheng Cheng said in a statement: "This is a double tragedy for the family. Our family has lost a loved one and my beloved father is facing a serious charge."

Requesting that the family's privacy be respected, she added: "You cannot imagine our immense grief, but please try to understand and let us have some peace."

In a statement dated July 10, police said they received a call for assistance in Boon Tat Street at around 1.20pm that day.

Officers arrived at the scene to find Tuppani lying motionless and Tan standing nearby.

If convicted of murder, he faces the death penalty.


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