Ban Muslim hotel staff from serving beer: PAS

Written by: mottaman | 10 Oct 2017 16:46
Picture from The Star
Written by:
10 Oct 2017 16:46

Johor PAS has called on the Government to come up with guidelines to ensure Muslim staff at hotels are banned from serving alcohol to guests.

State information chief Shamsudin Jaafar said that there were no guidelines for staff when it comes to serving alcohol or events that involved alcohol at hotels nationwide.

"This means that any staff member could be tasked to serve alcoholic beverages to patrons at hotels," said Shamsudin, who had been a hotelier for 14 years.

"Any kind of activity that involves alcohol is forbidden in Islam and as such, Muslims by right should not be given such task," he added when speaking to reporters here on Tuesday

According to The Star, Shamsudin said this after he and several other PAS members attempted to hand over a memorandum about Oktoberfest to a hotel here.

Much to their dismay, the hotel's duty manager declined to accept the memorandum.

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