"Save my dad first" cries boy

Written by: mottaman | 19 Jun 2017 17:03
Picture showing the boy's father lying on the road - Pix from South China Morning Post
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19 Jun 2017 17:03

The love a six-year-old boy has for his father has touched hearts after he appealed to an ambulance crew to save his dad “first” after the pair was involved in an accident.

The father and son, neither of whom was identified by name, were riding a scooter in Xinyu, southeastern China’s Jiangxi province, when they crashed into a post on the side of the road, throwing them both to the floor.

The aftermath of the incident was captured by a passer-by and the video was later uploaded to the internet.

In the clip, the child is seen sitting on the kerb, his face bloodied, while his father lies motionless amid the scooter and debris. When an ambulance arrives on the scene, paramedics appear to be directed to the child by members of the public, but the youngster has other priorities.

According to South China Morning Post, seeing his stricken dad, the child makes a heartfelt plea to the medics to “save my father first”.

Moments later, the man is seen back on his feet as a nurse dresses several cuts to his face.

Interviewed later in hospital, the child said: “I saw my father lying on the ground and thought he had gone to heaven, so I wanted him to be saved first.”

Despite having a large bandage wrapped around his head, the boy did not suffer any major injuries, the report said.

Explaining why he reacted as he did, he added simply: “Because I love my father.”

The proud dad said that he heard his son instructing the medics.

“I was so touched,’ he said. “I never thought that my son was so much braver than me.”

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