'Give Penangites discounts for premium durians'

Written by: J.R. | 13 Nov 2017 18:32
Balik Pulau is famous for its durians, such as those grown in this orchard. Pic SixthSeal
Written by:
13 Nov 2017 18:32

A special discount for premium durians?

Well, that is what a state lawmaker is suggesting for all Penangites now that prices of premium durians such as the Musang King have hit the roof after they started being exported in bulk to China. 

Speaking at the Penang state legislative assembly session, backbencher RSN Rayer said Penangites must be given the chance to savour the best fruits from its own orchards.

"So, maybe, locals can be given discounts through the I Love Penang card,” Malay Mail Online quoted him as saying. 

Penang agriculture and agro-based industries exco Dr Afif Bahardin said Malaysia has been promoting durians here and in China with much success.

“Durians, especially the branded or premium ones, are now a luxury,” he said during a question-and-answer session today.

Dr Afif said it was better that the government concentrate its efforts to help the people on more important issues.

He also said prices were determined by market forces, and suggested that another alternative to make durians more affordable in the state was to encourage greater supply here.

“A musang king or orchee durian can cost RM105 on the island but in lesser known places on the mainland, it can cost about half the price or at around RM68,” he said.

He then said consumers should educate themselves on where to get the best durians at reasonable prices, MMO reported. 

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