Strays: Draft laws to save, not kill mercilessly

There are other ways to deal with stray animals rather than just put them down at first sight, argues animal lover

Wild boar attacks man

As he tried to run, he lost his balance and fell. The wild boar subsequently charged at him.

Stop falling victim to scammers

MT reader laments over the number of online scams these days

Top M'sian militant Dr Mahmud Ahmad believed dead

Rescued hostages claim ex UM lecturer, fighting alongside Islamic militants in Southern Philippines, has been killed

Leaves bag twice at stations, could pay 'heavily'

Never ever leave your bags unattended in Singapore, unless you want to become RM3k poorer, as one man could find out

Man wins lottery: Pisses on boss (video)

Boss caught off-guard as employee barges into office

Fight breaks out after minor mishap (video)

Woman claims two men, allegedly drunk called her stupid after scraping her car

Toddler injured in dog attack

A dog then appeared and began to bite the toddler's head.

LIver cancer link to Chinese herbal remedies?

Study suggest measures needed to prevent consumption of chemicals called aristolochic acids found in Chinese herbal meds

Priest on sexual abuse charge

Forced the girl to perform oral sex and sleep naked with him

Deepavali tribute vs Petronas Patti ad (video)

Meeting with the Machas released a tribute video to the famous 2003 Petronas Deepavali advertisement

T.S Yeoh Tiong Lay dies at 87

Billionaire and philanthropist passes away leaving behind a M'sian success story in business and charity quite unmatched