Kids, have some compassion for your parents

Reader upset over the way children treat her friend

MACC officers caught for khalwat

The two suspects were found in "close proximity" in a condo unit in Taman Esquire.

Beware of this alleged sweet talking conman

Reader warns others about an alleged investment broker who cheated her

Be wary of expired foodstuffs on the shelves

Reader warns of expired foodstuff being sold in supermarkets, even the reputable ones

Asia tallest wooden pagoda burns to ground (vid)

Lingguan Mansion was built during the Ming dynasty (1368–1644) and only charred wood was left after the fire

A sister's sacrifice ends in drowning tragedy

Slips and falls into raging waters of Lata Lembik while trying to prevent younger sis from falling.

Fake milk scam: Mead Johnson offers replacement

Consumers can call 1-800-88-3585 or complete an online form at to get more details

Study: Malaysians are hardcore internet addicts

Up to 89 per cent were internet addicts while.76.1 per cent of heavy internet users were aged 20-49

Teen foils buffalo heist

4 men pretended to fish for lobsters before using a blowpipe to tranquilise before stuffing the buffalo into their MPV

Malaysian boy tortured by mother in Paris

The boy, 11, suffered third degree burns and required hospitalisation after being allegedly scalded with boiling water

More facilities for the less-abled please

Less-abled reader laments over lack of facilities for them

Stop the vandalism please

Reader wonders why people resort to vandalising public property for no reason