Those selfish, reckless monsters from hell (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 13 Nov 2017 12:03
Reckless drivers who do not understand the limitations of their vehicles should not be on the roads.
Written by:
13 Nov 2017 12:03

I get really mad whenever I come across selfish drivers who endanger others on the road.

These days, you find them everywhere, especially on our highways where they seem to think it is their race track.

What I have noticed are two types of vehicle drivers who tend to behave dangerously on these roads.

The heavy vehicles drivers tend to drive faster than they are allowed to.

From what I know, they do this because they are are rushing to meet trip and delivery deadlines.

Some of them tend to overload and also use cheap rethread tyres to save money, which makes their vehicles extra dangerous. 

Many bus and lorry drivers are guilty of this.

The second group comes from the small and low CC vehicle drivers.

I do not know which world they come from but it seems once they get behind the wheel of their Myvis, Vivas, Axias, Iris, Kancils, Sagas and so on, they think they are driving super-powered cars and they turn into monsters.

Many of them are young drivers in their 20s and 30s. 

Many of these drivers do not even understand the engineering behind their vehicles and its limitations.

They get their cars all souped up, most of them in an illegal fashion of course, and then race on highways, endangering others along the way.

I wait for the day when the authorities will actually take serious action against these drivers and their vehicles as well.

And by that, barring them from driving for very long periods (minimum 5 years) and confiscating their vehicles for long periods as well.  

Besides heavy jail terms and hefty fines. 

Now that will really hurt them and make them think twice. 

I attach two videos from social media that serve as a grim reminder of what a menace these drivers can be on our roads.

Both incidences happened on Malaysian roads. 

May God protect us from these selfish and irresponsible road monsters.

M.N. Karim
Petaling Jaya



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