Parents - appreciate them before it's too late

Written by: MT Reader | 10 Aug 2017 17:28
Appreciate them before it's too late - image from Pixabay
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10 Aug 2017 17:28

The younger generation these days has no respect whatsoever for their elders.

I was at the Section 8 police station in Petaling Jaya recently to lodge a report over a minor accident when I noticed this girl with her aged father.

The girl's Perodua Kancil had apparently been stolen and for some reason, she was blaming her father for it.

I cannot understand the language she was speaking as I am a different race, but from the expressions and her tone of voice, she was clearly belittling and venting her anger on him.

The poor old man just remained silent and took all the abuse his daughter was hurling towards him.

Later, even the policeman on duty remarked to me how rude the girl had been towards her father.

The policeman was puzzled why she was blaming her father when her car was stolen while parked outside her office.

"Saya pun tak faham lah...apa kena mengena dengan bapa dia. Teruklah perempuan tu ... marah bapanya macam itu," said the policeman.

As a father myself, I felt very upset that the old man was being scolded that way in front of everyone.

It is sad that children these days do not seem to appreciate all the hardship and sacrifices their parents had gone through to raise them.

I had many regrets in my life - one of which is not spending enough time with my late parents.

Let's hope these kids realise this and not waste time crying at their graves when they are gone.

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