Mother alleges that teacher kicked and slapped kid

Written by: MT Reader | 14 Jul 2017 13:45
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14 Jul 2017 13:45

Having been a teacher myself, I understand the level of stress one goes through having to deal with children the whole day.

However, like the nursing profession, teaching requires far more than just the relevant qualification.

You firstly need a love for children, then dedication, commitment and patience.

If you do not possess these qualities, then you are certainly in the wrong profession.

It upsets me to read cases where the teacher vents out her anger and frustration
on the student, sometimes to an extent of even hurting the child.

In the most recent incident in Tawau, a mother alleged that her 10-year-old daughter was kicked and slapped by her male teacher as she was late and had forgotten to do her homework.

The mother has since lodged a police report and the headmaster and teacher will be called for questioning.

The student is definitely wrong in this case, but please, there are rules and regulations to be followed.

The 56-year-old housewife claimed her daughter’s calf was injured during the alleged incident on Monday.

“I was told that the teacher kicked and slapped my daughter. Is there no other way to discipline a child other than using such excessive force?” she asked.

The mother said her daughter was later taken to the hospital for a medical examination.

“The doctors there suspect she suffered a fracture and had a cast put on,” she said, adding that the cast was later taken off following an X-ray.
To all the teachers out there. We respect and appreciate you, but please handle our little ones with care.

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