Loan sharks hogging ATMs

Written by: MT Reader | 10 Aug 2017 17:58
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10 Aug 2017 17:58

An expected short stop at an ATM in the Klang Valley ended up with me waiting for almost 30 minutes to do a simple withdrawal.

The reason? Loan sharks doing multiple withdrawals at the end of the month.

Totally outrageous. There were three guys hogging the ATMs with a stack of ATM cards making multiple withdrawals.

I am sure these are illegal loan sharks and they were there about 11pm.

If the police really want to nab them, it's simple - just wait at the ATMs.

I guess this is a monthly practice for them.

Due the poor economy, I was told by a friend that more people are turning to these illegal lenders.

I hope something can be done to put an end to this menace - their banners and posters are everywhere - ruining the landscape and surroundings of our housing areas.

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