Give us two days for Deepavali !!!!!

Written by: MT Reader | 11 Oct 2017 17:37
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11 Oct 2017 17:37

Next Wednesday, Hindus in the country look forward to the Festival of Lights otherwise known as Deepavali.

During each festive season whether it is Chinese New Year or Hari Raya, those celebrating it will look forward to spending as much time as they can with their friends and family.

For some of them, it is only time that they could come back to their hometown each year to spend that precious time.

Unfortunately, Deepavali despite being the main festival for Hindus and the Indian community in the country get only one day declared as a public holiday.

Over the years, dates of Deepavali often fall close to major school and university examinations, forcing poor students to forego celebrations in an effort to focus on studies.

Sometimes, classes, lectures and even day jobs take place on the eve and the day after which makes return trips home or performing the traditional prayers for the ancestors on the eve of Deepavali, an even harder task.

My question is why does the government just give us two days instead of one ?

A lot of people can say that we have too many public holidays in the country but Deepavali remains the biggest festival for the Indian community especially Hindus. Their contribution towards nation building should not be ignored in such a manner.

The other thing that I am upset is that the lack of empathy by a number of companies and institutions of higher learning who fail or simply do not bother to accommodate major festivals when planning their annual calendar.

Festival dates, Deepavali included are made known in advance, no ?

Election looms closer, and perhaps the government should reconsider this notion of ours, the Hindu community.

Afterall, the government always projects itself as one that serves to the will of its rakyat in a compassionate way.

A Deepavali surprise such as that could put plenty of smiles and loads of ticks on the ballot boxes.

Murugavel Y.
Sungai Petani,

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