Are we invisible? Join the queue, please

Written by: MT Reader | 11 Oct 2017 18:50
Please speak up when someone cuts queue. Pic my Design Haven
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11 Oct 2017 18:50

I wish more Malaysians will speak up when someone cuts queue at paying counters.

Over the years, I have seen many, mainly foreigners, cutting queue as if the others do not exist in front of them.

Maybe queuing is something that is not practised in their own country but over here we do and we take pride in that.

As queuing up could be something quite alien to some of them, I normally am very patient and tell them politely to join in at the back.

But there have been some very gangly looking ones who use their intimidating size and looks to push their way in and not budge even if we tell them off.

I am more upset with the cashiers who have all the authority not to serve them but still do despite knowing they had cut the queue.

What does that mean? That we are not paying customers? That we are invisible to you?

I had politely reminded several convenience store cashiers before when that situation happened.

Two days ago, a similar situation happened.

A foreign national just barged to the front of the counter of this store and asked for cigarettes and phone reloads.

There were four people queuing up, including me right at the back.

I asked the foreigner to join the queue but he just casually ignored my request and kept on talking to the cashier.

I then asked the cashier to stop serving the rude man but he was just too scared to do it I guess.

The other three customers in front of me were also too afraid to say anything and let him have his way.

It was only after he left that they started telling the cashier off.

What is the point? Fellow Malaysians, next time something like this happens to you, voice out your displeasure.

We live in a civic-minded society and not some desert.

Paul Khoo




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