"Bomoh" and their various antics (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 16 Jul 2017 14:34
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16 Jul 2017 14:34

I am not one who believes in "bomohs" and supernatural healers, but out of curiosity, I followed a friend to visit a "bomoh" in Pandamaran, Klang last week.

She claimed that this "bomoh" was highly recommended and could cure all kinds of ailments.

My friend has been suffering with lower back pain for years and has tried everything, so as a last resort, she wanted to give this a try.

For a "bomoh" and one who only accepts donations in return for his work, he seemed pretty well off, living in a double storey semi-detached house with three luxury cars parked outside,

One look at him later and I was convinced he was a hoax.

Fortunately, he did not try any nonsense with my friend and performed all kinds of rituals in the name of chasing the pain away or something like that.

After about an hour, of what I believe was a total con job, he said my friend would be cured in three days.

As we were leaving, my friend asked him how much and he replied that we only had to drop some money into the donation box.

But the best part was that all donations must be at least RM300. What? So, I was right.

This was another con artist in action.

However, I am just happy there was no untoward incident and we both walked out in one piece.

I have read numerous reports where these healers have molested or even raped some of their patients.

Anyway, for the record, it has been over a week and my friend is still suffering from the back pain and of course is RM300 poorer.

Below is a video I came across of a "bomoh" in Thailand who seems to must touch his patient's leg to cure her!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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