Time to introduce full time counselors in schools

Written by: J.R. | 12 Aug 2017 02:47
A student will have better chances of being rescued if they knew they had a trusted counselor they could run to.
Written by:
12 Aug 2017 02:47

In the past two weeks alone, the nation has been rocked with news of sexual assaults against women and minors so vile, it’s beyond comprehension.

Alleged rapes involving three generations of family members, repeated sexual attacks against a daughter for almost three years, and the latest another three-generation sexual assault in Sarawak.

Words just fail me.

I think even the hardest of men would have had his heart sunk and probably start tearing up when reading through details of these horrible, disgusting and cruel acts.

All of the alleged victims were presumably students.

Yet, one wonders why there was little suspicion or inkling on the part of their schools?

A girl was being raped for three years and no one suspected anything?

They say besides home, schools are the best protectors of our children as they keep them secured and safe from society’s unforgiving ways.

My little understanding of our education system is that schools have counselling teachers.

While this is always a good move, one wonders how effective these counselors can be if they are also expected to juggle their counselling tasks with their teaching duties?

We all know that it not easy being a student these days.

Besides academic and examination pressure, the modern day student is known to have problems dealing with the real and fast paced world out there.

Unlike generations of the past, students these days come from a nucleus family that includes working parents, which in turn forces them to become independent in many aspects of their daily lives.

In short, they are left to their own devices, and whatever problems they may be facing, are kept to themselves because their parents are too busy earning a living.

This is where school counselors play a very important role.

Maybe its time the Ministry of Education consider employing full time qualified counselors to be placed in all schools.

In most developed nations, this is standard practice.

These counselors are trained to help students cope with many issues, and that includes detecting behaviour and physical changes.

I would like to suggest that all schools have permanent counselors whose role is to solely focus on helping students with their problems in a discreet manner.

This way, students know they have an avenue or a channel to unload their deepest secrets, concerns and fears.

I am not sure what sort of mechanism can be used to implement this system in schools, but I am pretty confident this can be worked out.

Perhaps, part of these counselors job is to schedule a certain number of counselling sessions in a day so that each and every student is covered by the time school calendar year is over.

Whatever it is, schools, in particular teachers and counselors are the eyes and ears for troubled students.

We are now left wondering if those poor victims would not have had to endure for so long if there were ready and available counselors they could have run to.





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