Think twice, some things are just never humorous

Written by: MT Reader | 07 Nov 2017 22:37
- Pic from The Star
Written by:
07 Nov 2017 22:37

Seeing a picture of a man dressed up as a suicide bomber for Haloween going on social media was indeed entertaining at first.

Until I realised that it was apparently taken at an apartment lift in Damansara Perdana more than a month ago. 

Unfortunately, one must realise despite the multiracial composition in the country, certain matters should never be taken lightly.

While some can take the costume in the spirit of humour and banter, others may not and could perceive it as a racial or religious insult.

The Sun UK had exposed that Prince Harry had don the costume of a Nazi in 2005, just two weeks before Holocaust Memorial Day.

The prince figured it was a good idea to turn up at a "colonials and natives" costume party dressed as a Nazi.

He was pictured wearing a swastika armband and a desert uniform similar to those worn by Erwin Rommel's German Afrika Korps. This action was met with massive condemnation and derision by the Jewish communities and leaders in the United Kingdom. 

While Prince Harry apologised immediately,  his action was labelled as one of the many gaffes by the British royalty.

Now that the picture has become the subject of a police investigation, I personally would not want to see the man involved caught and put through unnecessary punishment.

I do hope however that he and others take heed and think twice before deciding what to wear on Halloween or any other function for that matter.

Jolene Quay McMurrie,
Damansara Heights

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