They suffer painful deaths, and we do not care

Written by: MT Reader | 28 Sep 2017 12:54
One of the pygmy elephants that was found dead in Sabah recently. The Star pic.
Written by:
28 Sep 2017 12:54

I write with a heavy heart after reading a news article about yet another wildlife slaughter in our jungles.

The killing of two Borneo pygmy elephants in Sabah is really heartbreaking news.

Apparently, they were found dead without their tusks in the Eastern Sabah jungles, one even found near the Danau Girang Field Research Centre.

Wildlife officials also found nine butchered turtles on the shores of Semporna. 

The nature of the killing obviously suggests that they were the victims of wildlife poachers.

The fact that the population of our wildlife endangered species continue to dwindle due to illegal hunting and poaching is really upsetting.

Many Malaysians do not seem to realise the implications of these killings as they feel it does not affect them in any way.

But what is the difference between their killings and the abuse and killings of domesticated animals such as cats and dogs?

They are all animals and Allah's creatures.

Each time an animal is killed mercilessly, they suffer.

Animals have feelings too. They also feel love and pain, and like humans, they also want to live.

Have you seen how animals die during poaching?

They do not perish immediately.

They go through a long and painful suffering process.

Just imagine seeing your pet dog or cat dying in that manner.

That is called cruelty.

At least with cats and dogs, chances are they would be rescued and treated back to good health.

But not our wild animals.  In the jungle, there is no one to save them and they are left to die alone.

We need to push the government to work harder to protect our precious wildlife before they become extinct.

There should be an all-out war against these horrible poachers and more funding should be given to our wildlife enforcement teams to hunt them down.

Our tigers and bears are already victims to this and soon our elephants will be too.

Our children will grow up recognising them only through visuals and that is a really sad scenario.

Wildlife poaching is a crime and an act of cruelty. The sooner we understand this, the better.

Nature Lover



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