They are cheap and fast, but they're deadly too

Written by: MT Reader | 09 Nov 2017 15:16
Mastura Abu Bakar now has a painful story from her experiment with beauty products. Pic Sinar Harian
Written by:
09 Nov 2017 15:16

I read about yet another case of a cosmetic product gone wrong this morning, and if past records are to go by, it's probably not going to be the last. 

I am wondering when the authorities are finally going to take seriously the dangers and availability of such products being sold openly in the market.

The case in Melaka, where a 36-year-old woman, Mastura Abu Bakar (pic above), saw her cheeks being swelled up painfully and turning red and itchy, is just one of many that have affected many Malaysian women.

And those are just the ones reported.

Many, including some people I know, or some whom my friends know, chose not to report and suffer in silence. 

Have you logged on your Facebook and seen all sorts of beauty product advertisements being marketed promising the world to young unsuspecting Malaysian women? 

Sadly, due to a sudden shortsighted and narrow-minded obsession that whiter and flawless skin equals beauty, there is a huge market for these products, aided by the fact that they are ridiculously cheap and can be afforded by even students.

Most of them don't even have approval from the Health Ministry, but because they are so affordable and they want fast results, they turn a blind eye. 

But little do they know that these overnight miracle results are just that - short term. 

I work in the biochemical sector and many fail to understand most beauty products with overnight results contain harmful ingredients.

Whitening creams, for instance, contain chemicals such as raksa, hydrouinone, tretinoin, asid azleaik and betamethasone, which essentially in lay man's terms eat through your skin when things start to go wrong. 

If you're lucky, you recover after some painful treatment with some scars as testimony, if you are not, there's a chance you will end up with cancer. 

Beauty is skin deep. Don't be fooled by all those marketing ploys that whiter, flawless skin equals beauty. 

It's better to be alive and plain natural looking than facing death or with permanent scars on your face. 

Zurain M.S
Kuala Lumpur

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