Snatch thieves are ready to pounce anytime (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 28 Sep 2017 11:06
The moment just after the thief ran off with the victim's handbag.
Written by:
28 Sep 2017 11:06

About a month back, my sister lost her handphone at a restaurant here in Kuala Lumpur after a man casually snatched it from her table.

It so happened she was sitting at the side of the restaurant by the road so it was really made quite convenient for the thief.

The man had an accomplice and it was all over in just seconds as they sped off on a motorcycle.

It was also unfortunate that the restaurant's CCTV was faulty at that time, especially since the restaurant owner said two other similar thefts had occurred months back.

I am pretty sure these sort of snatch thefts are happening every day in our country.

We keep being reminded not to leave our valuables on our tables, especially if we are dining ‘Al fresco’, and this is the reason why.

Thieves are quite smart these days and they have the backup and agility, meaning after the crime, they will disappear from the scene in seconds.

A recent video clip of a woman losing her handbag (MT: Posted by VMT via Malaysian Response Team shown below) in a similar modus operandi made me write this to warn fellow Malaysians not to be careless.

Snatch thieves are always ready to pounce the moment you let your guard down.

V.S Thana

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