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Written by: MT Reader | 14 Jul 2017 13:14
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14 Jul 2017 13:14

Very often we hear people complaining about the condition and service offered at our public hospitals.

Very few realise that Malaysia is among the very few countries that offers it's people free healthcare which is of pretty good quality.

Government doctors and nurses are often overworked and stretched to the limit and yet strive to provide us the care we need.

I am writing in to share a posting in Facebook by Nurul Shazalina Zainudin who shared her experience at the Serdang public hospital recently.

Firstly, she said she was shocked that she was only charged RM3 though the bill for her child totaled RM1,200.

"I am so grateful. My child got excellent treatment though I was in the third class. The room was air-conditioned and the bathroom had hot water.

"Also, the food (as shown in the picture above) was good and the doctors were so kind and answered all my questions," she wrote.

She said she was most touched when the specialist attending to her child tried hard to cheer up the child and even asked me to kiss my child on the cheek when I left.

"I almost cried," she added.

A copy of the hospital bill

This is a really good sharing and goes to prove that not all the apples in the basket are bad.

We should not be quick to form an opinion just by hearing one side of the story.

There is always a good and bad to everything. To the doctors and staff at Serdang Hospital, well done and keep up the good work.

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