Nice car. But hey, aren't you a PTPTN defaulter?

Written by: MT Reader | 17 Jul 2017 12:04
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17 Jul 2017 12:04


The government came out yet again today to remind National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) borrowers to repay their debts.

This was because a Bank Negara survey showed that some of the borrowers who refused to repay their PTPTN loans were actually able to service their car and housing loans.

I, too, was a PTPTN borrower at one time. I come from an average income family and at the time me and my siblings went to college, our family was very grateful we had PTPTN to fall back on.

That’s why the moment we landed our first jobs after graduation, we started repaying what we owed.

And yet, despite our cukup makan salaries then, we repaid it every month without fail.

And how come? Here’s why. Because we lived within our means, to the point we even had enough to save a little for emergencies.

Because we spent wisely. We skipped the fancy branded stuff such as expensive smartphones, food and clothes, avoid frequent clubbing, opted for public transport while saving for a new low-cost car and rented homes in the suburbs rather than city centre.

And oh, we did not walk into those coffee outlets every morning and instead made do with Kassim Bhai’s kopi tarik kurang manis down the road.

And yes, we survived long work days just fine without those expensive coffees and sandwiches.

Fancy coffee and expensive bagels we made do once a month. If we felt like it.

All these we did so that we could have enough to repay the very same people who were there to loan us money for our education when our parents really could not afford it then.

Ask yourselves who would do that for you?

And now when you are finally earning your own money, some even more than what they should, you say you can’t pay RM100++ a month?

That’s total *@#*@#*# I would say.

Don’t be an embarrassment to your family. You are no more kids.
Until the day education is free in this country, just grow up and pay up already.

Stop being selfish. You are depriving other deserving poor students of their share.

Remember, you used to be one of them.

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