Much ado over English exam paper question (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 12 Nov 2017 20:45
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12 Nov 2017 20:45

I refer to several letters posted by various parties on the 2017 SPM English Paper 1 question recently.

The issue that has gotten many people to have various opinions regarding the question and subsequent directions that the students took in answering them.

Having an aunt who is currently marking these papers, she said one of the main criteria was that students should answer the question accurately to its intention.

Language, grammar and vocabulary comes second apparently. I can't tell following this question whether the stance would changed as I highly doubt it.

However to the students out there who had made that mistake, I need to tell you something.

Life is not over, it is just beginning. Never let a mistake determine your life and future. Examiners will mark papers as they see fit for they are human too. Some would take a humane approach, others not so.

That does not change who you are and what you are meant to be in this world. People can be pretty cruel and amazingly  kind as you are beginning to learn or have done so already.

When the issue was first broached, I am sure you boys and girls out there would have heard some people having already opined along the lines of "such a simple question, if you can't answer it right, its wrong" or "wrong is wrong".

While others would probably say "give them a break, don't penalise them harshly".

To all SPM students out there, I guess this video clip of Rocky Balboa gives you the best lesson that you need to take once you are done with school soon.

Watch the video below and I hope that speech by Sylvester Stallone would perhaps put things into better perceptive. 

Good luck and God bless.  

Kenneth Soosai,
Menglembu, Perak

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