Maids: They are also humans. Treat them well

Written by: MT Reader | 12 Oct 2017 18:09
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12 Oct 2017 18:09

Very often we hear of maid abuse cases in our country and till today, I am afraid this problem has not ceased to exist.

Because of these few bad apples, the price of getting a domestic helper has soared to ridiculous amounts of up to RM18,000, while monthly salaries have also increased drastically.

To some of us, having a domestic helper is a luxury and these ridiculous prices not deprive us of this.

In many families, both the husband and wife are working and we rely heavily on our maids to help run the family.

I am greatly disturbed that to some families, the maid is treated not only like an outsider, but also made to do things which is beyond her scope of duty.

For example, a maid that works with another family in my condominium unit said she works up to 17 hours a day - waking up at 5am and sleeping at 10pm.

She also has no break in the afternoon and does everything, even washing the cars.

According to her, the boss told her that since he has paid for her, she has to do whatever he tells her to.

It is very sad that one human treats another like this, regardless if she is a maid.

We have to have some level of humanity and allow our maids to get sufficient rest - this way I believe they will be happy and healthier and better be able to do their work.

I know there are some nasty maids as well, but for those of you lucky enough to get a good helper, please treat her like a human and not some kind of machine.

A Anandan

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