Happy Grandparents Day, with much love and honour

Written by: J.R. | 01 Oct 2017 12:52
The role of grandparents remains very much under-appreciated at times. Halfhalf parenting pic.
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01 Oct 2017 12:52

Over the past two decades or so, Malaysians have always celebrated Fathers Day (June) and Mothers Day (May) with great fanfare.

But not many know that there is now a special day for grandparents too.

Two years ago, the Government declared the first Sunday of every October as National Grandparents Day.

This initiative was taken after some fine work by several NGOs to get the Government to recognise the role and contributions of grandparents to society.

Grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren, although in some societies, it is indirect.

In the Asian community, grandparents are considered part of the nucleus family, and more often than not, play very important roles in the upbringing and well being of our young ones.

Their role and contribution is invaluable and next to none.

As it is now the norm of many modern Asian parents to be working parents, it is the grandparents who spend the most time with the children, and often form a special bond with them.

Children are usually very attached to their grandparents as it is with them that they know they can get away with anything.

It’s the same with grandparents who more often than not tend to overprotect their grandkids as they long to experience parenthood all over again, but this time by just focusing on the pampering and foregoing the discipline and tough love as how when they were parents themselves.

Whatever the situation, the fact remains that the role of grandparents remains very much under-appreciated at times.

We often forget that they have lived more longer than us, are more experienced in parenting skills, and are definitely much more wise and mature from life experiences.

To all grandparents out there, Happy Grandparents Day from us at Malaysian Talk.

You are much loved and honoured. 

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