Do your kids a favour, say no to that sugar drink

Written by: J.R. | 11 Aug 2017 16:17
Obese children at a weight loss summer camp in China
Written by:
11 Aug 2017 16:17

Just a couple of days ago, I was having a meal at a restaurant when there was a slight commotion at the table next to me.

A family of five were seated there, parents in their 30s, and three sons probably aged between five and 12.

The two younger children were making a scene. They were demanding another can of Coca Cola after finishing the first round while having their meals.

The parents gave in without a fuss and two more cans promptly landed on their table.

I took a good look at all three boys and none of them had the physical similarities of their slender built parents.

They were, quite in fact, obese.

Dangerously obese, I must say. I would have easily guessed that the youngest would have weighed at least 40kgs easily while his older two brothers were probably around the 50-80kg region.

As I quietly sipped my coffee, I overheard the restaurant owner sharing a laugh with the parents, and telling them its okay to let them eat and drink what they want as they are just kids and will probably slim down when they are much older and active.

Here’s the bad news folks. They most probably won't.

In fact, chances are they are going to grow a whole lot bigger if they continued with their unhealthy dietary habits.

Not many realise that obesity has developed into a major problem among Malaysians.

Children young as four and five are grossly overweight but the thing about us is we tend to think its okay because they are children after all.

Plus, they look so ‘cute’  and ‘cuddly’.

The thing is many of them, due to their unhealthy diet and lifestyle, will grow up being obese and by the time they are in their 20s would have been grossly overweight and lazy to try to reverse the condition.

By then they would have also developed some form of obesity related illness or another.

If this fact doesn’t wake you up from your slumber, how about this?

Malaysia has the dubious honour of having the highest obesity prevalence in Southeast Asia.

Yes, we are the fattest in the region.

A recent study put obesity in Malaysia at 13.3% while overweight prevalence was at 38.5%.

This setback had cost the country between RM4.26 billion and RM8.53 billion, which is about 10% to 19% of Malaysia’s healthcare spending.

Parents, take charge at an early stage. 

Do not overfeed your kids.

Give them nutritious food,  watch what they eat and also their sugar intake.

Make sure they are active outdoors.

Let them run, play, swim, climb trees, whatever it takes to make them sweat and burn calories.

You see, they might look cute and cuddly and all now when they are young kids, but they are going to be sickly and overweight adults with self-confidence problems if nothing is done to check the situation while it still can be done.

Pay close attention to your child’s weight problems. They will thank you later for it.

Cute and cuddly? For now, yes. But not for long.




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