Deadly box jellyfish: Is there reason for concern?

Written by: MT Reader | 11 Oct 2017 00:53
Box jellyish can kill you in minutes if you do not seek treatment immediately
Written by:
11 Oct 2017 00:53

The news report on a discovery of two deadly species of jellyfish off the coast of Penang should not be taken lightly.

I come from a family of swimmers and all of us, including our teenage children, enjoy long swims in the sea whenever we go on holidays.

In fact, just three months ago we were happily swimming at the Batu Feringgi beach in Penang when we visited the island for a short holiday.

Jellyfish is nothing new to us and me and my son have been stung before. 

But we came prepared then and brought vinegar with us, the only known remedy we know works, and spent some time plucking out the stinging tentacles.

But now comes news that box jellyfish, which can kill you in minutes, have been found in our waters.

And that is really a scary thought.

Penang beaches are popular tourists spots and many visitors like to have a dip or two there.

The thought that swimmers there are open to the threat of these deadly stingers should be a matter of great concern.

I hope the relevant agencies and experts can do something about this.

I know we can’t stop these jellyfish from invading our shores but at least come up with an awareness campaign on how to deal with the situation, either as a victim or the one helping out.

Let’s not wait until a deadly situation happens.

Catherine Y.S.M
Kuala Lumpur

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