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Written by: Victor Charlie | 05 Oct 2017 22:41
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05 Oct 2017 22:41

I often notice many animal lovers groups and individual crusaders on various social media channels often organise animal adoption drives.

While I applaud the effort and intention to get them dogs and cats mostly into a good home, unfortunately some of these new animal owners often renegade on their promises.

One such case, was a neighbour who picked up a stray dog many years ago. While he, his wife and family feed the dog regularly and it looks healthy,  the mongrel has never left its cage as the owner felt that it would be difficult to control.

What good does it do for a dog if it is not brought for walks or even afforded the freedom to roam in a much bigger environment ?

Another bad habit of prospective owners, is to flash the big bucks and buy pure breed animals like a German Shepherd dog or a Persian cat.

But they provide inadequate cages for the big dogs and allow these cats to eat almost anything and everything. Dogs prone to spinal problems such as the German Shepherd ends up with mobility problems among other complications while cats would develop life threatening skin allergies of sorts.

If stray animals require a certain level of responsibility, pure breeds requires a huge commitment. 

Truth be told, the intentions of most people in getting a pet are sincere. However, they need to learn how to do as much research as possible before investing in any animal whether through adoption or otherwise.

Animal care is no silly business, as I believe that their emotions resound very much with ours and that they need a lot of attention, instead of just feeding and cleaning up after them.

These are the things that help both species bond with each other and enhances the experience altogether. Let us not turn a blind eye toward animal neglect. Please take full responsibility when you finally decide on getting a pet for the family.

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