Cabbies will never learn their lesson, it seems

Written by: J.R. | 07 Oct 2017 11:07
When will they ever learn? Hype My pic
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07 Oct 2017 11:07

Taxi drivers in this country will never learn.

Like the idiom, a leopard will never change its spots, most Malaysian cabbies remain a pompous lot, some even maintaining their dishonest ways.

Before the availability of ride sharing services like Grab and Uber, many Malaysians had to suffer and were at the mercy of these taxi drivers.

We all have either experienced it for ourselves or read about it.

Arrogant cabbies who refused to use their meters, smoked in their dirty, messy cabs, and used longer unfamiliar routes to earn illegal profits.

It was always their take it or leave it policy. And most of the times, we had no choice but to take it , especially when we had no other options.

Malaysian taxi services reputation had become so notorious that it even made it to global lists of the worst cab services in the world.

But the arrival of Grab and Uber has changed all that.

The other day, I had to take a taxi in my neighbourhood because it so happened it was peak hour and the only Grab and Uber cars available at that time was about 20 minutes away.

So I hailed a taxi, my first in almost a year, and almost instantly I recognised the driver.

He was the same driver that had forced me not to use the meter and even scolded me for not having small change.

I also remembered that he had just smoked in his cab, and it was strewn with rubbish and smelly.

But this time, this 40 plus looking driver was so pleasant with me and his car was spotless and had a fresh clean smell.

Guess that now he has competition, he has learnt his lesson.

But I guess not all have learned theirs.

A news story about a taxi driver who fleeced two Bangladeshi nationals recently made me realise that taxi drivers here will never learn.

The taxi driver had charged the duo RM950 for their trip from KL Sentral to Setapak!

It is good that the duo had lodged a police report against him.

Once again, I am so happy that we have Grab and Uber now in Malaysia, for now we don’t have to put up with these arrogant, dishonest lot of taxi drivers.




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