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Written by: MT Reader | 17 Jul 2017 16:31
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17 Jul 2017 16:31

Since e-hailing services, Grab and Uber were launched in Malaysia, all we have heard are grouses from taxi drivers.

What I don't understand is what are they grousing about?

Cabbies have been monopolising taxi services in the country for years and sad to say, have not really done much to improve their services.

For one, their vehicles are old, the drivers are not all polite and thirdly, they dictate terms and overcharge customers.

I remember I used to beg them to take me home on certain days after work when it was either late or raining.

The usual excuses, the roads are jammed, the metre is not working etc.. would be given and I would have pay a bomb just to get home.

Since Grab and Uber were introduced, my life has been so much easier, I just pay RM6 to get to work and sometimes RM8 to get home, depending on the time and traffic.

I also have the option to now use Grab share if I want to pay lower fares.

However, now, I hope these cabbies will up their services with the launch of EzCab, which put them on a level playing field.

EzCab also has an SOS button that has three features – a quick dial to 999, a call to a personal emergency contact number or a call to EzCab's 24/7 customer support centre.

EzCab is the first e-hailing app to offer such a feature for the comfort and safety of both the passenger and the driver.

This app which caters to traditional taxi drivers levels the playing ground between e-hailing ride services like Uber and Grab and taxi drivers.

I hope with the launch of this app, our local cabbies will stop all the protest and harassment and now, focus on improving their services to compete with the rest.

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