A few seconds of neglect and this happens (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 08 Nov 2017 11:13
It was fortunate that little girl was yanked out in time. Pic screengrab
Written by:
08 Nov 2017 11:13

Much has been said and discussed on escalator incidents involving children.

Yet, we find such incidents happening time and time again.

We get it that sometimes, parents are too engrossed with what they are focused on, such as when they go shopping and so on.

But we have also learnt that it is during this tiny ‘window’ that our little children, sometimes out of boredom, sometimes out of mischief, will wander.

Many cases of children going missing and kidnaps and other mishaps have happened during this ‘window’ and escalator-related incidents are on top of the list.

In a video clip going viral (link sent to MT)  another case or parental neglect led to a child almost being thrown off a moving escalator.

Not many details on when and where this incident happened but it seemed to have happened in Asia. 

The little girl’s ordeal begins when she places a hand on the moving railing of the escalator and somehow, due to force and momentum, finds herself carried and moving along with it.

Although in a panic state, the girl was smart enough not to let go of her hand, otherwise, she would have fallen quite a long way down.

It was fortunate that an employee of the complex rushed over to the top in time to yank her out as her panicked parents too rushed over.

Always watch over your kids, especially when you are in a shopping centre where so many things can go wrong.

All it takes is just two seconds of neglect and it could end up a lifetime of regret.

Jeremy Teo
Kuala Lumpur


(video credit Sukan Star TV)

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