'We need proper rehab, monitoring & rehab system'

Written by: MT Reader | 10 Nov 2017 15:22
With a proper parole system, offenders like 'kicking man' (pic) will think twice of repeating offences
Written by:
10 Nov 2017 15:22

I read with great interest news of the man who was nabbed after kicking a woman at the pedestrian bridge near Bank Negara Malaysia.

The video of the appaling act has gone viral and many Malaysians were left aghast with what he did.

And today, I read that according to the police, the man had been arrested for a similar offence before!

Not only that, checks on his record showed the man had previous counts of criminal conduct involving criminal intimidation, vandalism and causing hurt!

And then once free, he goes around kicking people dangerously again!

Just imagine if his latest victim was unlucky enough to suffer major injuries from falling down the stairs.

What then? Would there be regrets and finger pointing that more could have been done to prevent the man from going all rogue?  This is just one case.

There are probably many others out there with some sort of mental illness or anger management issues who are roaming around free after serving their sentences.

What are the measures taken that they are no longer a threat to society?

Do we even have a proper monitoring or follow up system with these sort of offenders?

Shouldn’t they be under some sort of rehabilitation or parole programme until they are deemed fit enough to mix around without supervision?

A proper parole, monitoring and rehab system needs to be in place so that such offenders do not take their sentences lightly and repeat the same offences.

Like what our ‘kicking man’ did recently.

Musa J.M







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