Cradle CEO received death threats prior to murder

Nazrin had received an anonymous phone call from someone who threatened his life

Don't leave home without your helmet guys

A majority of accidents in the country are due to human negligence

Stop the Mat Lajak before someone dies (video)

Reader calls on parents to play their roles in helping to curb the Mat Lajak menace

Cops chase bike theft suspect in lake (video)

The cops eventually nabbed the suspect in Bandar Parklands, Klang

Thai man found drowned in concrete jar

The man disappeared four days ago until relatives noticed the stench coming from the container

Flight attendant gives passenger "window seat"

A passenger couldn’t sit beside a window, so the flight attendant drew one for him

Offering discounts for summons unfair, says reader

Reader feels such discounts are unjust to those who settled their summons earlier

Express boats damaged in fire (video)

The boats were towed to the middle of the river to avoid the fire spreading to other boats nearby

Puppy kicked and stomped on to death (video)

Why do people resort to doing such cruel things? asks reader

SPM in hospital bed for this student

The SMK Tengku Ibrahim student fell at her home in Kampung Buluh, Setiu a day before the exams

Woman who lost fiance goes ahead with wedding

Her fiance was among those who perished in last month's Lion Air plane crash

MACC: Sex for better grades in schools

Some teachers sought sexual services from their students in return for better examination grades

Divorce, snoring spouses and night laundry

Some husbands dislike their wives eating in the car, which is also a reason for divorce

Corruption in Malaysia at worrying level?

Malaysia's ranking in the 2017 CPI dropped seven places to 62 out of 180 countries

Guys, let's help this family in Shah Alam

Reader appeals to all to lend a helping hand to this family in need

Tragedy waiting to happen at bike lanes

Stolen metal covers leave drain open to unsuspecting motorcyclists using the bike lane along the Federal Highway

Suspect confesses to bathing and dressing baby

The suspect, who is the babysitter's husband earlier denied even handling the baby

Beware fake police identification cards

The Police Cyber Crime Alert Unit has issued a warning to be on the alert

Giving leftovers to dogs "haram"?

Animal activist upset with restaurant owner who claims giving leftovers and bones to dogs is "haram"

Working parents and home-based babysitters

Working mother talks about how parents cannot afford licensed babysitters and are left with no choice

Fake or real? (video)

Netizens claim video of a man allegedly driving against traffic in Bukit Jalil is a fake video

Robbed by motorcyclists who faked accident

Female driver loses necklace, purse and laptop to seven men on motorcycles

Ex-minister charged for molest

He was wearing a dark blazer and heavily-tinted sunglasses and was accompanied by his wife

What do you summon him for?

Reader curious what the cops pulled over "Skeletor" for

Mum wants justice for murdered daughter

According to Noraihan Ab Aziz, 22, she will not be calm till the offender is brought to justice

Man climbs on car roof to safety from floods

Within minutes the tunnel was filled with water

Baby dies after alleged rape by caretaker's hubby

There were also bruises found on the top left and right sides of the victim’s head

Wakes up to find all four tyres missing

The car was parked in the front porch and the gate was locked

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