KLIA 2 deserves more praise than what it gets now

Reader wonders why KLIA 2 still gets unwarranted criticism despite it offering more than what the previous terminal did

The end of good, old fashioned Christmas cards

Reader misses the time people used to send each other Christmas cards instead of text greetings

Coach guilty of committing sexual acts on student

The boy finally told his mother in 2015 as he was afraid of contracting HIV.

JB doctor and husband arrested for maid abuse

Had been exploiting and abusing their undocumented Indonesian maid, who is also diabetic, for the past eight years

Girl's body parts found in HK flat, mom arrested

Cops had to break down the door and found the daughter's body parts in the bathtub when they entered the bathroom

Shocking murder at JB petrol station (vid)

Warning: Video contains disturbing scenes as it shows four men attacking victim and running him down with their car

Last female Sumatran rhino seriously ill

Sabah Wildlife Department Director, Augustine Tuuga, said Iman suffered bleeding from her uterine leiomyoma tumours

KTM coach catches fire in Johor

The locomotive was 50% destroyed

Lover's murder she plotted, using Bitcoin she paid

The Italian woman's plan to cover her money trail by paying hitman in the digital currency fails and now she's in jail

Senior citizen dies running Bentong half marathon

71-year-old runner takes a break midway from the 21km race after complaining of tiredness, and then fell unconscious

Sued teacher gets full backing as court date nears

Teacher slaps Year 5 student for sniffing glue and now he's being sued. But look, teachers nationwide are behind him.

The 'bodoh sombong' attitude of road bullies (vid)

This violent driver should be in a lock up and not on the road bullying others with a hockey stick, says reader

Affordable? Is RM800k deemed affordable?

Reader laments over the high cost of houses which are totally out of the range for middle class earners

Upset with McDonald's delivery service

Reader upset why delivery boy asked her to come down to collect her order instead of sending it to her

Kids, have some compassion for your parents

Reader upset over the way children treat her friend

MACC officers caught for khalwat

The two suspects were found in "close proximity" in a condo unit in Taman Esquire.

Beware of this alleged sweet talking conman

Reader warns others about an alleged investment broker who cheated her

Be wary of expired foodstuffs on the shelves

Reader warns of expired foodstuff being sold in supermarkets, even the reputable ones

Asia tallest wooden pagoda burns to ground (vid)

Lingguan Mansion was built during the Ming dynasty (1368–1644) and only charred wood was left after the fire

A sister's sacrifice ends in drowning tragedy

Slips and falls into raging waters of Lata Lembik while trying to prevent younger sis from falling.

Fake milk scam: Mead Johnson offers replacement

Consumers can call 1-800-88-3585 or complete an online form at www.enfagrow.com.my to get more details

Study: Malaysians are hardcore internet addicts

Up to 89 per cent were internet addicts while.76.1 per cent of heavy internet users were aged 20-49

Teen foils buffalo heist

4 men pretended to fish for lobsters before using a blowpipe to tranquilise before stuffing the buffalo into their MPV

Malaysian boy tortured by mother in Paris

The boy, 11, suffered third degree burns and required hospitalisation after being allegedly scalded with boiling water

More facilities for the less-abled please

Less-abled reader laments over lack of facilities for them

Stop the vandalism please

Reader wonders why people resort to vandalising public property for no reason

Model had attended drug-fuelled swingers party

She was allegedly partying with the couple before she plunged to her death.

1..2..3.. and then they slap a homeless man (vid)

Reader is appalled with shocking behaviour of two youths seen in video clip slapping the head of homeless man

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