Cops: Boy made up white van abduction story

'Made up the tale as he was depressed at not being allowed to play, and was instead made to focus on his studies'

Boy's life snuffed out, cos someone was brainless

Reader finds it hard to comprehend how someone can throw a chair out from a flat unit, which ultimately proved deadly

So, is Nur Sajat a he or a she?

Jakim wants to meet her after social media was rife with allegations about the gender identity of the businesswoman.

Yabba Dabba Doo car for Johor Sultan

The car, inspired by the Hanna Barbara's cartoon, was a gift to Sultan Ibrahim from The Regent of Pahang

One dead in Florida shuttle boat fire (video)

All 50 passengers aboard made it to shore. A woman died in hospital emergency room

Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries dies at 46

The voice behind the global hit and haunting protest song 'Zombie' dies in a London hotel, had been battling depression

Kuala S'gor wet market incident under probe

MDKS acting head says have met fishmonger and senior enforcement officer is now on desk duty pending internal probe

Chair thrown from upper floor flat kills boy (vid)

PJ La Salle student sustains severe injuries and dies at the scene as cops investigate senseless death

Stranded tourists on Tioman Island rescued by RMN

The tourists including 54 foreigners and 39 locals have been stranded on the island since January 11 due to bad weather

Thief carts off rice bags from sundry shop (video)

Is it a desperate act or just another group of thieves committing their usual activity ?

Eyes on the kids, they are always up to something

'At such a young age, they are curious by nature and can't differentiate between fun and danger'

Batu Tiga toll crash tragically kills two

The father of one victim thought the person informing him of her death was pulling a prank call

Chickens getting larger by the day

Reader worried over the amount of drugs being injected into chickens to make them bigger

Jakarta stock exchange building floor collapses

Screaming people evacuated amid piles of debris with about 70 people injured. Not an act of terror, cops say

Drunk biker throws stone at JPJ vehicle and flees

Wasn't long before he was caught. No idea why he was so angry, but of all targets, he had to pick the JPJ...

Orang Asli children airlifted to boarding school

The first batch of 77 secondary school students were transported using two Augusta helicopters

Sad scenes as another pothole takes a life (video)

It's unacceptable when people die from crashing into potholes. Malaysians pay tax and deserve safer roads, says reader

Netizens furious over rowdy act by officers (vid)

Enforcement officers seen toppling tray of fish at market after speaking to fishmonger

Money missing from local bank account

Reader laments over poor attitude of local bank over money missing from his account

Living in homes worse than cattle sheds

Reader calls on those concerned to look into the plight of about 300 families living in deplorable conditions

One hurt as car plunges into 15m ravine

Saved within a hair's breath as plane skids (vid)

Could have been much much worse after Pegasus Airlines skids off runway metres away from Black Sea in Turkey airport

Man City's 'Invincibles' slayed by Liverpool

9 minutes of mayhem at Anfield finally sinks Pep Guardiola's unbeaten boys as Reds produce brilliant attacking display

Beware mamak shops selling "recycled" curry

Reader on how he and his friends suffered food poisoning after eating at mamak shop

Website: Malaysia is best place to retire in Asia

Overseas resource portal reveals that Malaysia's tropical climate and best options make it an ideal choice for retirees

Why we should really be eating broccoli yoghurt

Singaporean tests show it kills 75% of tumours in mice, and more than 95 bowel cancer cells grown in a lab

Save PD's underwater life before it's too late

Diver laments how development in PD is ruining it's underwater world

Burglars pull off heist at Melaka goldsmith shop

The group broke into a goldsmith shop and carted off RM200,000 in cash and jewelry

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