Japanese dumped babies in concrete filled buckets

It is unclear why she turned herself in now

Overcharged, but we keep quiet. Expose them!

Food prices are going crazy high, but why are we quietly paying? Make some noise to pressure these profiteers

Should we be the judge of life & death?

MT reader questions if parents have the right to decide if their children live or die

From crooked jaw to K-pop star

Even his mother did not recognise him

RM600 for fish head curry portions

If the head is big, it will be priced between RM120 and RM150, while the smaller ones would be between RM60 and RM80

Man climbs electric tower to take selfie!

The Fire and Rescue Services Department and police were quickly informed and rushed to the scene

Why did he do it?

Reports said police believe he had been suffering from financial problems.

No groping please, says MP

Please don’t be a nation with first-class facilities but a third-class mentality

Malaysian workforce is an unhealthy one, literally

Obesity, work stress, lifestyle habits all major causes of sick Malaysian workers and productivity suffers, survey says

Do your best, but never fret cos it's not the end

Reader reminds exam candidates and their guardians that the future can still shine bright even if things don't work out

Spelling bee podium winner makes Malaysia proud

Clinches third spot in Asian regional spelling bee after beating some 200,000 kids from the region in elimination rounds

World's first human head transplant done

A similar operation on a live human will take place 'imminently'

Man's negligence causes baby's death

He clearly prioritised his mobile phone game over the welfare of the baby.

Steven Seagal calls on Johor Sultan

The Under Siege actor had a two-hour private discussion with the Johor Ruler at Forest City

Indian politician peeing in public (video)

Ram Shinde, a minister for water conservation in Maharashtra was filmed relieving himself, earning public criticism

So would you have clamped the car or not? (video)

It's a caught between a rock and a hard place situation as it begs the question: When do you stop bending the law?

Father, three children found dead in Sungai Petani

The man was found hanged while his two sons, aged 5 and 6, and an 8-year-old daughter were found suffocated

Parking space woes in Brickfields

MT Reader expresses frustration over inability to maneuver along Jalan Tun Sambathan for parking space

Changkat BB - a haven for hookers

How do these people get into the country and how come they can ply their trade so freely

Students down with severe food poisoning

Mussels could have been the cause of the poisoning

Floods? No problem, I have my boat

Man buys boat in anticipation of another major flooding in Penang

He was invited for sex, but decided to rob her

The victim was stabbed in her abdomen and hand, and became unconscious.

Murderous cult leader Charles Manson dies at 83

Among his victims was actress Sharon Tate, the pregnant wife of filmmaker Roman Polanski, who was stabbed 16 times

Nude photograph to become a tour guide?

He was even asked to pay RM700 as a deposit to allegedly qualify to become a tour guide.

Road activists Brotherhood has my support (video)

They continue to expose poor road conditions which the higher ups conveniently ignore at the risk of others' lives

Bangladeshi orders seven men to abduct & rape wife

Police have detained four suspects to aid the investigation

Python that ate two goats caught

It took about 20 minutes for five personnel to capture it

British princes choose the Dark Side

Prince William to appear in new Star Wars film with Prince Harry as Storm Troopers in a cameo appearance

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