Johor man's leg crushed while chasing tanker (vid)

Dashcam shoots footage of motorbike duo trying to stop driver and as pillion rider chases after tanker he gets run over

US teen shoots two dead in school, a dozen injured

Teenager walks into Kentucky school armed with a handgun and just starts shooting, motive being investigated

There, there kitty, fear not cos I got you...

Praises and well wishes pour in on social media for council worker after pics of his rescue of cat go viral

Thunderstorm hits Batu Caves (video)

Unusual thunderstorm interpreted as a sign against opening Batu Caves during the lunar eclipse on Thaipusam by netizens

Costly Indian meals, time for authorities to act !

MT Reader frustrated at the astronomical prices of Indian restaurants in the country for a decent meal

Woman escapes sex-crazed boyfriend

The victim was forced to have sex by the man up to two to three times a day, beating and kicked her during the ordeal

Strong quake rocks Jakarta as buildings sway (vid)

Office workers rush out as highrises began swaying, riders thrown off bikes by force of the 6.0 magnitude rumble

Crane crashes in Taman Desa, no injuries recorded

The crane just missed smashing people and cars when it came crashing down

Be extra cautious when using cleaning services

Reader tells of friend who lost expensive watch after house was cleaned by maids from cleaning service provider

Yes, it's a blue coloured stream right there (vid)

Senawang resident says overdevelopment and industrialisation has left the area suffering from heavy environmental damage

Seriously? Crackdown on dangdut dances?

Reader feels the authorities should focus their attention on more serious issues

Beware of touts at KLIA

Foreigner warns of being harassed by touts upon arrival at KLIA

Vehicles belonging to customs officer razed

No one was injured as those inside managed to get out via the back door of the house.

Phony MCs big problem in this Penang pharma plant

Ex-manager reveals how easily workers go on medical leave, leaving their more disciplined colleagues frustrated

DBKL: We're removing bicycle lane separators

To be replaced by flexible barriers after move lambasted by netizens who claim they're dangerous to motorcyclists

Grandpa charged with sexual assault

Charged with committing physical sexual assault, including oral sex, on his granddaughter.

Sg Petani funfair child molest suspect arrested

Suspect is a friend of the girl’s family and had asked her mom permission to take 7-year-old out to buy food

S.Korean actor Jeon Tae Soo, 33, dies

Was being treated for depression and had recently been in discussions for his next project after his condition approved

Some people just do not deserve pets (video)

MT Reader incensed over a bloody pet owner who abandoned his pet at an apartment complex, leaving the poor pooch to die

Dark fire escape worries resident

Resident worried there are no lights at the emergency escape staircase

School junior gets beaten after teasing senior

Fifteen Form 4 students had attacked the 14-year-old victim at the school's hostel during the 3am incident

A molehill? Nope, just a dangerous road patch

Shoddy repair work by contractors have caused much damage to vehicles plying the roads on the island's southeast coast

Students killed in tragic accident

Two car drivers in the accident were also seriously injured

Man rescued after falling into stadium drain (vid)

Civil Defence team at Penang stadium saves him but it was quite a struggle due to the man's size and weight

Driving test for the aged?

Reader feels it would be good to have a test for the aged before allowing them to drive

Sluggish sales could force iPhone X cancellation

'This would be the first time Apple has cancelled an iPhone model after just one generation since the iPhone 5C in 2014'

Posting uncensored molest victim video a lowly act

Reader: They can argue that the end justifies the means, but they obviously failed to see the forest for the trees

DBKL, please explain these dangerous railings!

Netizens are not very happy with the short railings that appear to serve as a border for new bicycle blue lanes

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