UCL last 16: Can the English teams survive?

Chelsea vs Barcelona & Spurs vs Juventus are the standout fixtures for English clubs as MU, City and L'pool breathe easy

Missing 60-year-old found alive after 8 days

Subhi Mud, a villager from Kampung Beliong in Samarahan, Sarawak was found by rescuers lying on dense vegetation

'Suspected fake instant formula only in JB area'

Ministry seizes 210 boxes of suspected fake infant formula in five raids in JB on Sunday

'There was no approval to hold Klang Marathon'

Sports Commissioner says approval needed for anyone who wants to organise any sports event in the country

Advice against sending kids to home babysitters

Doctor advises parents against choosing cheaper option of home-based babysitters

Indonesia vaccinates millions to stop outbreak

Diphtheria causes breathing difficulties, heart failure, paralysis, and even death if left untreated. 32 has died so far

Why are kids on motorcycles not using helmets?

Reader upset why some children on motorcycles with their parents are not using safety helmets

Wild elephant attacks bus in China (video)

Conservation officers had asked the driver, who has not been named, to abandon the bus after it stalled but he refused

Foreigners openly queuing up to visit prostitutes

Reader shocked seeing foreigners lining up outside budget hotel along busy street in Seremban

Step up the fight against child sex predators

'Send out the message that society will not tolerate such acts and such people from being part of our community'

Three siblings killed in 5 vehicle accident

The three siblings who were in the back seat of the Honda HRV died at the scene.

Knowing your car's limits can prevent accidents

Engineer shares his thoughts on the increasing number of road accidents in the country

The M'sian courteous driver? A pipe dream (video)

When will Malaysians finally learn to respect the law and be unselfish drivers? This reader thinks never.

This foolish thief is now an Internet star (video)

Even had time to adjust hair, have a phone conversation before bolting with a piece of jewellery

All ends well for two lost hikers on Mount Jerai

The Politeknik Arau students lost their way near a stream on the mountain after hiking up at 9am

Month long search for dad ends tragically

No foul play suspected, victim found with belongings on him

Wild boars along S'pore road? Believe it! (video)

Herd of wild boar come out of nearby forest and happily go grazing at hill slope without a care in the world

Naked body found in Port Klang shipping container

Factory worker made a gruesome discovery when he found the naked remains inside the container from Brunei

Teenager decapitates his mother in China

The 13-year-old boy from Sichuan in China had posted a video of himself murdering his mother on WeChat

Pacemaker seriously hurt after car rams into her

Two other runners sustained injuries as well as the car knocked them all from behind during Klang International Marathon

Sorry son, daddy cannot afford new shoes for you

MT reader sends in copy of note he penned for his son

Upset over people who book parking lots

Reader wants authorities to do something about those who stand in vacant parking lots to book them

Man knocks girl down accidentally, then kills her

Takes her to farmland, kills her and then dumps her body, all this just to avoid a lifetime of compensation payments

Do women really "invite" rapists?

Reader angered over insensitive comment from male colleague that women "invite" rapists by dressing sexily

Guilty plea to trying to take over MAS flight

Suspect struck a plea deal with prosecutors agreeing to a single charge of attempting to take control of an aircraft.

Jamal Yunos arrested for threats against Zaid

Handcuffed after arriving at the Dang Wangi police headquarters in an unmarked police car at about 9.25pm

Teen model falls to her death at Dang Wangi condo

The body of 19-year-old Ivana Esther Robert Smit was found naked the balcony of a sixth floor unit in the condominium

Constant work along road upsets residents

Reader upset why road in front of his house is constantly dug up for work

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